Baldwin News Briefs: June 3 meeting

Below are summaries of news from the June 3, 2013 meeting of the Baldwin Township Board. They were compiled by Audrey Misiura.

Baldwin Park board
Supervisor Tom Rush reported that the Baldwin Park Committee is working to install the boardwalks, planning the pavilion and working on verbiage for a sign for Young Park Resident input is still needed and encouraged for the placement of the pavilion in Young Park. The park committee had originally planned to have the pavilion on the concrete slab where the white building is. Another idea is to have a pavilion built along the east side of the brown building. That would make it much closer to the playground.
The concrete slab would not go to waste because a basketball hoop could be put up there, Rush said.. Call the township office at 763-389-8931 to give input.

Variances for Little Elk Lake property
Baldwin residents Michael and Marnie Wipper have requested two variances from Sherburne County so they can build a front entry addition to their home on Little Elk Lake. As part of the county’s variance request process, Baldwin Township supervisors have an opportunity to provide comments regarding the proposed variances.
The first variance involved a 3.5 foot variance from the side property line and was approved with no comment. The second variance, a 17 foot variance in set back from Little Elk Lake was approved with a comment to the county not to charge residents $146 for each variance.
Supervisor Jay Swanson said that the Wipper’s project took two variances and the last project brought before the township took 3 variances. The property owners are being charged by the County for each variance. The comment to Sherburne County is that one fee for the project should be enough. The county does not need to charge for each side of the house, Swanson said.

Sheriff’s report
Deputy Wilson from the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department reported 179 incidents for the month of May in Baldwin Township. Sixty-five of those were traffic stops. Extra enforcement was employed over the Memorial Day weekend.
There has been an increase in car break-ins in Baldwin Township, Officer Wilson said. These have been primarily in residential driveways. The public is again reminded not only to lock their vehicles, but also to remove valuables from plain sight.
There is increased enforcement on County Road 38 because of reports of excessive speeding on that stretch of road.
Also, a stop sign was missing from the intersection of 100th Avenue and County Road 38.

Fire department report
The Baldwin Fire Department reported 14 calls for the month of May. Of those, eight were medicals and two were gas line leaks.

142nd Street improvements
The costs of the proposed improvements for 142nd Street came in at around $24,000. Because township engineer Jon Bogart did not have information about how much of these costs the grant would cover, this was tabled until July.

Calcium chloride update
The approval of calcium chloride was again tabled because the quote from Envirotech (the lowest bid) did not specify the rate of application nor did it separate out the Elk Lake Road and the Sandy Lake Road. Calcium chloride is applied to gravel roads to help with dust control. Roads treated with calcium chloride also do not need to be graded as often.

Water quality workshop
The Township approved attending a workshop about water quality in Elk River this October. This workshop is designed for township officials and key staff members to learn about local, state and federal regulations about water quality. The $100 registration fee covers the cost of attendance for all board members and key staff of the township.