WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series runs despite rain

Princeton, MN (June 21) – After receiving three inches of rain Thursday night, and severe thunderstorms on the way, the Princeton Speedway took the risk and put on a show of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. The streets were the only class to race their feature, but all heats were in and the show was considered complete. Justin Pogones took the lone feature win of the night as the lightning grew too close.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the first class of the night to run their heats and Dave Read and John Adams led the way. Kris Peterson however jumped into the lead with Ryan Kostreba in second and Read falling to third. Read however, moved to the high groove and made the passes taking the lead and won the heat.

Pat Zerfas and Kurt Becken brought the streets out for the next heat. Zerfas pulled away in the lead as Justin Pogones ran the dangerously wet low groove and went from fifth to second before turn three. Amanda Milbrandt also took the low groove and ran three wide for third with Becken and Russell Peterson before she took the point. Pogones chased down Zerfas, but Zerfas was too far gone and he took the win.

Mitch Weiss jumped into first as the green dropped for the first WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat. Bud Martini and Denis Czech battled for second, but Martini’s car slid and Czech took the point. After a caution, Czech was on Weiss’s rear and he put the pressure on Weiss. Weiss however held him back took the checkers.

The second heat was up and Gino Fontecchio ran side by side with Tyler English for the first point. Fontecchio grabbed the low groove and took the lead but Travis Saurer was moving in. Saurer quickly closed the gap with Fontecchio and without hesitation took the lead. Saurer kept that lead as the checkers flew giving him the win.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were next to run their heats and Larry Zeller grabbed the lead. Andy Gordon ran on Zeller’s bumper and he left the left front at home and three-wheeled his way into the lead. Zeller fell to second with Travis Saurer and JB Stortz battling for third. A series of cautions kept the drivers slow, but as the green flew again Zeller was battling Saurer for second. Gordon lead as the checkers flew with Zeller grabbing second and Saurer getting third.

As the green flew for the second heat, drivers bunched up and Jeffrey Lien, Jr. was pushed up the track nearly missing the wall. The drivers were realigned with Andy Jones in the lead. Shane Sabraski took second with Jordan Foster in third. Sabraski caught Jones and with the white waving, and Sabraski started poking around his doors. As they rounded turn four, both drivers floored it, and Jones crossed the line first taking the win.

Dean Larson and Mitch Hribar were door to door as the WISSOTA Mod Four heats began. Kyle Thell took third while Larson broke away from Hribar. Landon Atkinson made his way through the traffic and took over fourth, third and moved next to Hribar. Atkinson took second and chased Larson, but he didn’t have enough laps as Larson took the win.

The second Mod Four heat rolled on the track with Abby Garin and Dan Kastner battling for first. Cory VanMil moved behind the leaders and ran between them taking the lead. Keith Thell took second and Brandon Linquist took third.  VanMil led through a couple cautions and took the win.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were the final heats of the night and Mike Frolik and Dan Gullikson brought them on the track. Gullikson took the lead as Dave Read grabbed second and Frolik fell to third. Read moved next to Gullikson for the lead with two laps to go. Gullikson and Read were side by side, but Gullikson nosed ahead enough to cross the line first and take the win.

Shane Sabraski pulled away from Adam Ayotte in the second heat with Dexton Koch in third. Mike Loomis moved aside Koch, and they joined Ayotte to go three wide for second. Koch took over second and Loomis grabbed third. Loomis was at Koch’s door with a lapped car, Koch however pulled away keeping second. Sabraski never looked back and took the win.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were the only completed feature of the night as they took the track with Kris and Russell Peterson in the lead. K. Peterson took the lead but Ryan Kostreba moved to his door and quickly stole the lead. Justin Pogones took over second and began to chase down Kostreba. The yellow lights flickered slowing the leaders down. Kostreba was alone on the restart with eager Pogones behind him. Pogones moved to Kostreba’s door for the lead, and after a short battle Pogones took the point. Dave Read claimed third and slid behind Kostreba for second. Read worked Kostreba but Kostreba held him back. Pogones stretched out is lead as the yellow flew again.

Pogones was first on the restart with Kostreba and Read in tow. Read and Kostreba went to Pogones’ doors and they ran three wide through the tracks saturated turns. Pogones kept the lead and Kostreba took second while Read fell back putting John Adams in third. As they made another lap, Kyle Howland’s car edged over the track, and the hit some clay forcing him to roll. The race went red, and Howland climbed out of his car.

Pogones was still in the lead on the restart with three laps to go. Kostreba took second with Read moving to Kostreba’s side. Pogones went forward and beyond to take the feature win with Kostreba, Read, Adams and Becken taking the top five points.

Keep your eyes on the website at www.princetonspeedway.com for make-up feature dates and information. Racing resumes next Friday at 7 pm.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat 1- Andy Gordon, Larry Zeller, Travis Saurer, JB Stortz, Jason Grimes, Shawn Fletcher, Dustin Nelson
Heat 2- Andy Jones, Shane Sabraski, Jordan Foster, Trevor Anderson, Scott Ward, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Todd Lofgren

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat 1- Dan Gullikson, Dave Read, Josh Anderson, Donnie Lofdahl, Mike Frolik
Heat 2- Shane Sabraski, Dexton Koch, Mike Loomis, Adam Ayotte, Kyle Robideau

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat 1- Mitch Weiss, Denis Czech, Bud Martini, Scott Bintz, Kyle Matuska, Dave Mastell, Larry Paulson, Jeffrey Lien, Jr.
Heat 2- Travis Saurer, Gino Fontecchio, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Tyler English, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Justin Pogones, Ryan Kostreba, Dave Read, John Adams, Kurt Becken, Brad Schmidt, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Pat Zerfas, Kyle Howland, Kris Peterson, Alec Nesbit
Heat 1- Read, K. Peterson, Kostreba, Schmidt, Howland
Heat 2- Zerfas, Pogones, Milbrandt. R. Peterson, Becken, Nesbit

Heat 1- Dean Larson, Landon Atkinson, Mitch Hribar, Kyle Thell, Nick Jelacie, Ross Mead
Heat 2- Cory VanMil, Brandon Linquist, Keith Thell, Abby Garin, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray