Liquor license compliance checks near perfect in MLC

Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s deputies conducted liquor license compliance checks at 50 businesses with liquor licenses in the county in June, according to Sheriff Brent Lindgren.
Half the businesses were checked on June 5, during which all but one of the businesses passed. The other half were checked on June 19, when all passed the test.
Sheriff Lindgren said his department’s goal is for 100 percent of the businesses to comply with state law that prohibits the sale of alcohol to anyone under 21.
Lindgren did not identify the name of the business that did not comply and the Union-Eagle was unable to get a call back from Lindgren to ask for the name. He said in his report to the media that “criminal charges and education will be sought on the establishment and employees.”
Liquor compliance checks traditionally are done by sending an underage person working undercover for law enforcement to attempt to purchase alcohol and see if the establishment checks for an ID or sells the alcohol asked for.
“Sheriff Lindgren commends the local establishments for performing well on the 2013 compliance checks, helping to ensure the safety of Mille Lacs County youth,” was his statement. He noted that overall compliance during the June 5 check was 96 percent.
Rum River Health Services provided grant funding for the compliance checks.