Letter to the Editor: All Minnesotans pay more starting July 1

Democrats were swept into power last fall on promises to tax the rich. Many Minnesotans put their faith and trust into Democrats, believing that they would increase taxes on the rich to solve our budget deficit, and leave the rest of Minnesota alone.

That promise was resoundingly broken when Democrats passed their $2 billion dollar tax plan last month. Republicans warned that all Minnesotans would pay more, and were accused by Democrats of misleading the public.

Just this week, the Minnesota Department of Revenue issued their Tax Incidence Study that examines the impact the new taxes will have on Minnesota taxpayers. Sadly, this study confirmed what we already knew: every Minnesotan pays more under the Democrat tax plan that kicks in July 1st.

Minnesotans at every income level; from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor pay more in taxes.

In fact, the bottom 20 percent will pay more in new taxes as a percentage of their income than the top 10 percent! Promise made, and promise broken by Governor Dayton and legislative Democrats.

These are the kinds of results that Minnesotans get from one-party control in Saint Paul. Democrats simply could not restrain their insatiable need for more spending, and increased taxes on all Minnesotans to pay for it.


Rep. Sondra Erickson,


House District 15A