Letter to the Editor: ‘Open Your Heart’ at the Milaca Pantry

Isn’t it great to finally see and smell the abundance of fresh foods available during Minnesota summers?  You can find all of your favorite fruits, vegetables, in addition to organic meats and baked goods at area farmers’ markets, or pick items grown in your backyard garden, or seek them out at summer events boasting  every type of food from strawberries to corn.

Sounds wonderful, but according to recent studies, it has also been indicated that during this time, an abundance of children in our community have the greatest risk of going hungry.  One in three school children in Minnesota receives free or subsidized meals during the school year.  When summer vacation comes, their families often have a hard time providing the same nutritious meals.  Many families turn to their local food shelf for help. But typically food shelves receive fewer donations in the summer, leaving them unable to provide enough food for all of the families they serve.

Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless is stepping up to help fill the summer child hunger gap, and we encourage you to join us.  During the month of July, dozens of food shelves across the state, including the Milaca Area Pantry, will participate in the Open Your Heart Food Shelf Challenge.

Taking part in OYH grant means any donations received by the Milaca Food Pantry during the month of JULY 2013 will be partially matched by the OYH organization.  The goal is to obtain food for those in need and continue to raise awareness about the problem of hunger in our community.  Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless believes that every Minnesotan should be free from hunger and homelessness. The more we donate in July, the larger the grant, so let’s work as a team and help to reduce hunger in Milaca!

Please consider making a special cash donation this July.   Keep in mind that memorials made in honor of a loved one , a special event or an anniversary are always a nice way to give as well.

Donations may be:

• mailed to Milaca Area Pantry, PO Box 133, Milaca, 56353

• dropped off at the pantry on Thursdays during the hours of 10-6pm,

• made electronically at givemn.org (enter “Milaca Area Pantry”)

To view a pamphlet regarding Open your Heart, go to: http://www.oyh.org/files/OYH_brochure.7.pdf

Thank you for your consideration of support,


Becky Bergstrom

Board chair,

Milaca Area Pantry