County Board Briefs: July 2, 2013 meeting

Loaded consent agenda
The consent agenda, which the board approved with one motion and without discussion, included a jail report, auto-theft prevention grant, veterans services respite care policy, Soo Line trail right of way permit, final payment of gravel contract, acceptance of pavement markings project, and approval of bid to review appraisals.
Jail report for May 2013
The inmate population of the Mille Lacs County jail during May varied between 81 and 121 per day. Besides holding Mille Lacs prisoners, the jail also boards prisoners for the counties of Benton, Stearns, St. Louis and Carlton, plus from privately paid. Total revenue for the jail through May in 2013 was $294,469, of which $274,390 was for boarding for other counties and the rest was from various fees.
Auto theft prevention grant
The board accepted a grant of just over $191,573 for auto theft prevention from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015, or until all obligations have been fulfilled, whichever occurs first. The money will mainly go for the salary of an auto theft agent, the amount being $74,381 in 2014, and just under $77,193 in 2015. Twelve mobile devices will take up $40,000. At the heart of the program is a bait car, which was previously approved.
More grant money for 911 project
The board approved an extension of a state grant for the county’s next generation 911 emergency communications project which will secure $10,000 in grant funds until June 30, 2014.The original expiration date was June 30, 2013.
Audio log maintenance
The board approved a Verint audio log maintenance agreement with tax and shipping at a cost of nearly $4,242. This is a second-year contract with Northland Business Systems.
Respite care policy update
The board approved the updated respite care policy under the county’s community and veterans services department. The county provides respite care within the context of an ongoing case plan to caregivers when other alternative arrangements have been pursued and exhausted. Each request for respite care must meet a list of requirements to be eligible.
Recording permit for fiber optic along Soo Line Trail
The county approved a long term use permit on June 4 for Savage Communications to install fiber optic cable along the Soo Line Trail. The board action at the July 2 meeting was to file the permit against the property in the public lands records so the information will be available to future staff and public.
Crushed gravel contract with overrun
The board approved a final payment of $78,819 to G.L. Herges, Inc., for providing crushed gravel. Its bid of $70,500 had been approved as the lowest responsible bid. The vendor produced 16,770 cu. yds. of gravel, which is slightly more than the 15,000 cu. yds. requested. County public works decided to buy the larger amount, which resulted in a 11.8 percent cost overrun. The county board has to be notified whenever an overrun hits the 10 percent threshold.
Pavement markings contract
Traffic Marking Systems had been awarded a contract for just over $85,666 as the lowest responsible bidder for county-wide reflectorized pavement markings. The board on July 2 approved the final contract cost of just over $83,813.
Reviewing the appraisals
The board approved a contract for $17,800 with Doucette Appraisal Service to give an opinion of the fair market value of the needed right of way on a county road 4 project. The purpose is to review the work of the initial appraiser.
Award presentations
County Board chairperson Phil Peterson presented outstanding service award plaques to county employees Lisa Rutland (social worker),and Nancy Eibes (land specialist). Rutland has been in the job 13 years, and Eibes in her job 10 years. Rutland was described as “compassionate, encouraging, supportive and firm,” with a “uniqe style which has proven effective in gaining the best possible outcomes for numerous Mille Lacs County children.”
Eibes is said to do whatever is necessary to improve the county processes and services and “enjoys the challenge of learning whatever is needed to complete the task. She is also describes as having the “determination to find a way to get things done in the most efficient manner.”