Letter: Softball facilities need attention

Mark Park is a great community asset for sports and recreation. But for some reason the softball portion comes up short for attention.
The baseball facilities are excellent with high backstops and covered dugouts. It is the opposite for softball, with short backstops and no covered dugouts. This creates a bad situation for foul balls constantly landing amongst the spectators — especially when you consider there is usually more than one game being played on an average night.
In addition, the restroom facilities have not been updated for a long time. The attendance at the games has increased along with tournaments on weekends, and the pressure to have adequate facilities has become more of an issue.
As you travel to other communities, it is obvious that sports/recreation areas are getting more attention. I would hope that community leaders would take a look at this situation and possibly stop by on game nights and get thoughts from the spectators and coaches.

Bob Lundell,