130 cyclists pedaling through Bogus Brook Saturday

It will be a good ride for a good cause when 130 bicyclists pass through the Milaca area Saturday as part of a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.
The Bogus Brook Township Hall will serve as a pit stop for the Habitat 500, a seven-day, 500-mile bike ride designed to raise both money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.
The bicyclists are scheduled to pull into the town hall between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 20, the final day of seven-day ride. The Bogus Brook Town Hall is about halfway between the day’s starting point in Mora and the finish line in Becker, according to Roxy Helmeid, communications VISTA for Habitat for Humanity.
The ride began Sunday in Becker when the bicyclists began the first leg of the seven-day ride — 56 miles to Pierz. After staying overnight in Pierz Sunday night, the bicyclists headed out Monday on the 70-mile ride to Aitkin. On Tuesday the riders went from Aitkin to Grand Rapids. Wednesday, the riders did a 100-mile loop from Grand Rapids, through Hibbing, and north to Chisolm, before returning back to Grand Rapids for the night. Thursday, July 18, the bikers were scheduled to ride from Grand Rapids to Cromwell, and from Cromwell to Mora on Friday. Saturday they begin their ride from Mora to Bogus Brook Township at about 6 a.m.
“They will arrive in the area in small clusters between 8-10 a.m. because they travel at different speeds,” Helmeid said.
“In addition to 130 bikers, there will be more people providing support,” Helmeid said. She expects about 40 volunteers to accompany the bikers during their 500-mile journey.
After receiving food, water and sometimes some minor first aid, the bikers will leave the Milaca area for their final destination of Becker, Helmeid said.
This year’s Habitat 500 is the 21st annual ride. Participants hope to raise $350,000 for Habitat for Humanity, Helmeid said. Each participant is required to raise a minimum of $950 to partake in the ride, but typically raises much more, averaging $2,700 per person. Since 1993, the ride has generated $4.86 million, she said.
About $30,000 from this year’s ride is being earmarked for building Habitat for Humanity’s 2,100th home in the state, Helmeid said, which is also this year’s “bike home” that riders will help build. Riders will spend two nights in Grand Rapids, where they will help with the Habitat 500’s bike home, an energy-efficient Habitat home.
Riders will work in partnership with the Itasca County Habitat for Humanity affiliate and the Buesing family, a single mother with two children, who was selected as the partner family, to celebrate the construction of this landmark home.