Princeton Speedway: July 19, 2013

Bikes were given away, kids were Jr. announcers, fans and flag people, but above all the Kids night was jam packed with exciting WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Side by side battles filled each feature race, but in the end the Martini brothers Bud and Eric as well as Brad Schmidt, Landon Atkinson, James Trantina and Dannie Burkholder took home trophies.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the night’s features with Pat Zerfas and Ben Rothstein on the front row. Rothstein grabbed the lead while Zerfas, John Adams and Brad Schmidt battled three wide for second. The field was stacked three and four wide as the X3 of Rod deBernardeaux went off the tracks exit and caught the wall and sat at an angle. Track and safety crews rushed to deBernardeaux, he was ok but unable to race.

Rothstein was first on the restart with Schmidt and Adams in tow. Schmidt took second and moved to Rothstein’s bumper and quickly took the lead. Kurt Becken and Jim Gullikson were door to door for second as they moved to Rothstein’s sides. Becken was on the low groove when contact was made and Rothstein spun around. Becken was charged with the caution as Schmidt retook the green. Schmidt was in charge while Rothstein and Gullikson fought for the second point. Schmidt took the checkers and his first win at Princeton this season with Rothstein, Gullikson, Pogones and James Becker in the top points.

Chad Fouquette and Gino Fontecchio led the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the line and Ryan Putnam joined them when the green flew. They ran three wide for first with Putnam taking the lead. Fouquette grabbed second while Shane Sabraski battled Mark Froehlich for third. The yellow flew for Brandon Hines taking on a track tire and the drivers were realigned.

Putnam was first on the restart but unfortunately he jumped it and was docked two points. Fouquette assumed the lead with Sabraski in second. Bud Martini moved next to Sabraski and quickly made the pass. Martini then took a look at Fouquette as they drove door to door. Martini was quicker and took the lead as the yellow flew. Martini was first on the restart and Danny Vang moved into second. Vang tried to make a pass on Martini, but Martini drove away taking the checkers. Vang, Fouquette, Tyler English and Putnam took the top points.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours were next up to race with Mitch Hribar leading the way. Hribar took first with Keith Thell in second. Brandon Linquist and Chad Funt battled for fourth and moved to Abby Garin’s sides for third. Funt made the pass while Landon Atkinson took fourth. Hribar ran the low groove and hit a track tire causing the yellow to fly.

Thell took the lead position on the restart and Atkinson grabbed the high line. Atkinson passed Funt and then Thell for the lead. Funt also passed Thell for second making Keith battle his brother Kyle Thell for third. The yellow flew again and Atkinson held the lead through three cautions. Atkinson took the win with Funt, Kyle Thell, Hribar and Linquist in the top five.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks awed the crowd with a caution free feature. James Trantina and Mike Loomis took the green and Loomis sped into the lead. Trantina, Mike Frolik, Kyle Robideau and Dexton Koch battled for top points as Trantina broke away. Trantina locked in second while Shane Sabraski moved through the traffic. Sabraski took third and closed in on Trantina. Trantina however had his eyes set on Loomis as he slid next to him.

Loomis and Trantina ran door to door a couple laps until Trantina pulled away. Trantina became the leader as Sabraski passed Loomis for second. Sabraski closed in on Trantina, and they ran panel to panel the remaining laps. With the checkers raised, Trantina crossed the line first taking his first feature win ever. Sabraski, Dan Gullikson, Frolik and Loomis took the top points.

Erik Peterson and Larry Zeller led the WISSOTA Modifieds on the track, and as they green dropped they battled for first. Trent Follmer moved into third as Zeller took the lead. Follmer and Peterson battled for second with Eric Martini and Dustin Nelson at it for fourth. Martini took fourth and moved next to Peterson for third. Martini began to work all grooves of the track to catch Follmer as Peterson slid over the tracks edge bringing the yellow out.

Zeller pulled away when the green reappeared while Follmer and Martini fought for second. Follmer and Martini crept in on Zeller and they all went for first. Zeller and Martini pulled away and Martini took the lead. Zeller however did not back down and quickly moved to Martini’s door. Zeller ran high and Martini ran low as Zeller nosed ahead enough to take the point. Zeller was too high on the track and slid off allowing Martini to blast off into the lead. Zeller came back keeping the race green and was in third. Zeller closed in on Follmer until the lack of cushion got him again and he went over. The yellow flew and cars were realigned with Martini in front for the green white checkered restart. Martini led the final lap and took the win with Sabraski, Follmer, J.B. Stortz and Nelson as the top drivers.

Jasmin Matthewman and Dannie Burkholder brought the Hornets to the green for the final race of the night. Burkholder quickly grabbed the lead with Zac Hribar in second and Erik Gruhlke in third. Burkholder immediately sped away putting a lot of air between him and Hribar. Brandon Opsahl moved into third and closed in on Hribar while Matthew Dibb broke into the top five. Dibb and Gabby Volkers went three wide with Gruhlke and Dibb took the point. Dibb then moved to Opsahl’s door and they battled for third. Opsahl and Dibb moved in on Hribar for second with the white waving. Opsahl, Dibb and Hribar ran three wide but as the checkers waved. Dibb took second with Hribar, Opsahl and Volkers behind him as Staff Sargent Dannie Burkholder drove his #21 into victory lane.

Racing will resume next Friday at 7 pm.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Eric Martini, Shane Sabraski, Trent Follmer, J.B. Stortz, Dustin Nelson, Toby Patchen, Jeff Patchen, Andy Simonson, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Terry Hanson, Tony Proell, Mike Kyllonen, Larry Zeller, Erik Peterson
Heat 1- Stortz, Peterson, Martini, Lien, Jr., Hanson, J. Patchen, Kyllonen
Heat 2- Sabraski, Follmer, Nelson, Zeller, Simonson, T. Patchen, Proell

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- James Trantina, Shane Sabraski, Dan Gullikson, Mike Frolik, Mike Loomis, Dexton Koch, Chris Wark, Kyle Robideau, Tyler Mecl, Josh Schmit, Tim Patchen
Heat 1- Trantina, Robideau, Loomis, Mecl, Schmit, Patchen
Heat 2- Gullikson, Sabraski, Frolik, Koch, Wark

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Bud Martini, Danny Vang, Chad Fouquette, Tyler English, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Jason Hall, Mark Froehlich, Tom Gill, Gino Fontecchio, Shane Sabraski, Elizabeth Toepper, Jacob Toepper, Justin Tanner, Cory Bauman, Larry Paulson, Brandon Hines
Heat 1- Sabraski, Froehlich, Fouquette, Siercks, Hines, Bauman
Heat 2- Vang, Putnam, Gill, Hall, J. Toepper, Paulson
Heat 3- Fontecchio, Martini, English, Tanner, E. Toepper

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Brad Schmidt, Ben Rothstein, Jim Gullikson, Justin Pogones, James Becker, Pat Zerfas, Kurt Becken, Dave Read, John Adams, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Jon Gunderson, Allen Gessell, Jr., Rod deBernardeaux,
Heat 1- Gullikson, Becken, Rothstein, Zerfas, Read, Becker, Gessell, Jr.
Heat 2- Pogones, deBernardeaux, Adams, Schmidt, Milbrandt, Peterson, Gunderson

Feature- official results unavailable pending tech
Heat 1- Hribar, Ke. Thell, Ky. Thell, Linquist, Ray, Murray
Heat 2- Atkinson, Funt, Garin, Mead, Jelacie

Princeton Hornets
Feature- Dannie Burkholder, Matthew Dibb, Zac Hribar, Brandon Opsahl, Gabby Volkers, Erik Gruhlke, Lexy Kastner, Jasmin Matthewman, Drew Johnson, Ariel Mueller, Jake Bayerl
Heat 1- Burkholder, Opsahl, Gruhlke, Kastner, Bayerl, Johnson
Heat 2- Dibb, Matthewman, Volkers, Hribar, Mueller