More chocolate milk in offing for schools

It turns out that not all chocolate milk is the same.
Princeton Public Schools may return to having more chocolate milk compared to last school year — but with less sugar. The likely change in chocolate milk distribution will be because of the school board’s approval of a new milk contract on July 16. The new contract for the upcoming school year includes the district purchasing skim chocolate milk with 18 grams of sugar, a reduction of about four grams. But only one of the four vendors giving bids followed the bid instructions that the chocolate milk must have 18 grams of sugar.
District business manager Michelle Czech explained that the vendor who complied was Deans. One vendor bid skim chocolate milk with 21 grams of sugar and two other vendors bid chocolate milk with 22 grams.
Czech explained that by reducing the chocolate milk’s sugar content, the district would not have to restrict the students to one carton of chocolate milk per week.
Giving the students less chocolate milk was a new thing last school year. It was the result of the district food service staff members trying to meet new federal rules on reducing fats and sugars in school lunches as part of a drive for better nutrition for America’s youth.
A lot of Princeton High School students were disgruntled last school year when the school went from having chocolate milk many times per week to only one day per week.
Czech noted that the brand of chocolate milk in the Deans bid is made by Land O’ Lakes. That brought a murmur of approval from among School Board members.
The winning milk bid from Deans was pennies under $95,951, and that included an agreement to supply milk in the following varieties: low-fat white, skim white, skim chocolate (18 grams sugar), and lactose free.
One bid, from Kemps, was higher, and two bids (Hastings and Agropur) were lower, but the school board agreed with Czech that only the Deans bid could be approved because it was the only one following the bid requirements.