Princeton woman suspect in kidnapping

Jade Abney says she wanted to do nothing more than get out of Cambridge.
The 20-year-old Princeton woman was released from an outpatient program at Cambridge Medical Center on Tuesday, July 15 and needed a ride to Princeton.
But a ride to Princeton became the least of Abney’s problems when police say she stole a car with a young boy in the front seat and led authorities on a chase that began in Cambridge and ended in a cornfield south of North Branch High School.
Abney, who made her first appearance in Isanti County Court on July 18, is facing felony kidnapping and theft charges, as well as a misdemeanor charge of failing to stop at the scene of an accident. Bail was set at $100,000 without conditions or $50,000 with conditions. Abney’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 31.
According to the criminal complaint:
At 12:27 p.m on Tuesday, July 16, Cambridge Police were dispatched to Cub Foods in Cambridge on a report of a vehicle theft and hit and run.
An officer made contact with the victims of the stolen car. The mother explained that her son was sitting in the front passenger’s seat reading a magazine while she ran inside the store.
According to the minor child, while he was reading his magazine, “a lady got in my car because it was unlocked and running.” He stated that Abney got into the driver’s seat and started driving the car. He then started honking the horn to get people’s attention. When Abney got to the end of the parking lot, the child opened the door and rolled out of the vehicle. He sustained several cuts and bruises from hitting the pavement. He then ran to the front of the store to get help.
As Abney was fleeing the scene, she rear-ended another vehicle carrying a mother and her two children. There was damage done to the vehicle, but no injuries.
Shortly thereafter, North Branch Police were in pursuit of Abney. She eventually stopped when she drove the vehicle into a corn field just south of the high school in the city of North Branch and was arrested.
Abney said she noticed there was a child inside the car when she started to pull away. Abney said she stopped to let the child out and then continued to pull away. She denied that the child had to jump out of the moving car; however, she did admit she hit another vehicle and didn’t stop to see if those individuals were okay. She also admitted to knowing the police were behind her but said she was, “scared and didn’t know what to do or how serious this was.”