Baldwin crack sealing on hold

Baldwin Township will be holding off on crack sealing until fall.
In the July 16 Baldwin Township meeting, the supervisors voted unanimously to hold off on crack sealing until November when the weather would be cooler and the cracks would open back up. Meanwhile, Astech, the contractor hired for crack sealing, went out and finished the crack sealing, even though the cracks were not open.
According to the contract with the Township, Astech had until May 26, 2013, to finish the crack sealing or be obligated to pay $150 each day afterward until the job was done.
“We had a wet spring, but not that wet,” Good said. “We sit here with a goal to serve the taxpayer. We made it a priority to do crack sealing early this year and it didn’t happen,” she said.
Township Engineer Jon Bogart was concerned that if the Township pressed Astech, they would not provide a bid for crack sealing next year. Also, Bogart pointed out that if attorneys get involved in the situation, expenses would rack up pretty quickly.
Bogart will negotiate with Astech to resolve the issues.
Plat extension
The Baldwin Town Board gave a nod of approval for a two-year extension of a preliminary plat for Rum River Bluffs. This development consists of 14 lots and three out lots. This action was only in the form of a township comment; final approval comes from the Sherburne County Board.