City to get forfeited pond

The city of Princeton could be gaining a pond — and a water fountain to boot.
The city has informed Mille Lacs County that it is interested in obtaining a lot that was part of a handful of tax forfeited properties in the Sharco Estates. The majority of the lot is a drainage pond with a water fountain that serves both Sharco and Meadow View Estates and can be seen on the east side of Highway 169.
Specifically know as Outlot D, the city already maintains the fountain and mows around the pond at least once a year, according to Community Development Director Carie Fuhrman.
The city is obtaining the parcel through a conditional use deed. Under such a deed, the parcel will be required to be used for public benefit. The city cannot sell the parcel to anyone. If the city were to change the use of the parcel, ownership would revert to the state of Minnesota, Fuhrman said. The cost for obtaining the parcel under the conditional use deed is a little under $300, Fuhrman said.
Another more costly option was available to the city, too. That was to purchase the parcel for a minimum of $22,450. Under that option, the city would have been free to do anything it wanted with the land because it would have held a clear title to the land, Fuhrman said.
One reason the city is interested in obtaining the parcel is to prevent a private land owner from purchasing the land, city officials said.