Princeton Speedway results: Aug. 16 races

By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (August 16) – The Princeton Speedway welcomed the UMSS Sprint cars on Friday night for the Ethel Kouba Memorial race. More than 20 sprints signed into the pits along with many other drivers for a great night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Shane Sabraski, Jason Hall, Kurt Becken, Kyle Thell and Gabby Volkers took home the hardware with Brooke Tatnell winning in the Sprints.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the nights races with Jon Gunderson pulling into the lead. Kurt Becken grabbed second while the #21’s of Dave Read and Jim Gullikson battled for third. Becken slid under Gunderson for the lead with Dave Read following him. Read pulled into second and Gullikson settled in third. Zerfas took the fourth point and worked on Gullikson for third. Read was on Becken’s rear for first while they drove away from the pack. Read put the pressure on Becken and took a couple shots at him, but Becken kept him back. Becken held his line and rolled his Tavis Metal and Fabrication sponsored streeter into victory lane with Read, Gullikson, Zerfas and Brad Schmidt in the top five.

David Mastell took the lead when the green dropped for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Jason Hall and Kyle Matuska battled for second as Matuska slid next to Mastell. They ran door to door for first until Matuska nosed ahead. Bud Martini made his way next to Hall for third and they drove right behind Matuska and Mastell. All four drivers went for the lead with Mastell falling back.

Matuska continued to lead the way but Martini grabbed the low line and moved past Matuska. Matuska and Hall were side by side as Martini began to drive away. Hall took second, moved to the high groove, rode the cushion and began to reel in Martini. As the white flew Hall was on Martini’s rear and as they went down the back chute, Hall made the pass for first. Hall took the checkers and rolled his #6 into victory lane for the first time this season. Martini, Matuska, Sabraski and Czech took the top points.

Back to back restarts kept the WISSOTA Mod Fours at a coast, but when the green reappeared it was Ross Mead in the lead. Mike Rau and Abby Garin battled for second with Kyle Thell on their trail. Rau moved into second and aside Mead for the lead and Thell took over third. Thell moved closed in and drove in between Mead and Rau for first. Thell took the lead while Rau handled second. Keith Thell grabbed fourth and slid next to Mead for third. They battled slower drivers and Keith made the pass for third. Keith caught and began to work on Rau for second, but his brother Kyle grabbed the checkers taking another feature win. Rau, Keith Thell, Mead and Hribar were the top five finishers.

The UMSS Sprint cars lined along the front stretch as they prepped for their feature event. Donovan Peterson and Cody Hahn brought the sprints to the green with Hahn in the lead. A quick yellow slowed Hahn down, but he was strong on the restart.

Jerry Richert, Jr. moved into second with Tony Norem in third. Norem made the pass for second with Brooke Tatnell coming through the cars. Tatnell took third and passed Norem for second. Norem however sped up and retook the point.

Sprint cars covered the entire quarter-mile surface and Tatnell was racing three wide and just over the tracks edge to catch Norem. Tatnell’s plan worked as he quickly caught and passed Norem. Tatnell then caught Hahn for the lead as the yellow flew.

Back to back cautions kept the drivers slow, but Hahn was still in the lead. When the green dropped Tatnell pulled a slider on Hahn and took the lead. Norem also passed Hahn for second and was on Tatnell’s wing. Tatnell drove his car hard, got loose and went off the track’s backside allowing Norem to shoot into the lead. However, Dave Becker spun his car on the surface and the yellow flew for Becker.

Tatnell was a lucky guy as he retook his place in the lead with one lap remaining. Tatnell didn’t flinch this round and took the checkers and the win. Norem, Hahn, Richert, Jr., and Chris Graf took the top five points.

Jeremy Nelson and Larry Zeller brought the WISSOTA Modifieds to the flag for their feature with Nelson taking the lead. Jeff Patchen and Zeller battled for second but Zeller cruised the high side and moved next to Nelson. The field of drivers was stacked door to door but again Nelson pulled away as the leader. Zeller held second but Patchen moved to his side. Patchen made the pass while Shane Sabraski moved into third.

The yellow flew slowing Nelson down and put Patchen and Sabraski on his rear. When the green dropped Sabraski grabbed the high groove and moved next to Nelson. They raced side by side for first until Sabraski broke away.

Sabraski led through one more caution with Patchen in second. Eric Martini and Dave Cain moved to Nelson’s sides for a three way battle for third. Martini took third and after some work took second. Patchen and Dave Cain battled for third with the checkers raised. Sabraski took the win with Martini, Cain, Patchen and Nelson as the top drivers.

Erik Gruhlke’s 7g hornet took the lead as the final feature of the night began. Both Matthew Dibb and Brandon Opsahl retired to the infield with mechanical issues leaving just five drivers on the track. Jasmin Matthewman drove in second but found the yellow car of Gabby Volkers at her side. After a short battle, Volkers took the point and flew under Gruhlke taking the lead. Dan Rick also passed Matthewman and Gruhlke to claim second while the checkers were raised. Volkers had the cruise control set and took the win with Rick, Gruhlke, Zac Hribar and Matthewman as the finishing drivers.

With only two weeks left of the regular race season, The Princeton Speedway is offering one more kids night next Friday. All kids 12 and under will be free in the grandstands and there will be bike giveaways and fun activities for the kids including projects offered by the people from Home Depot. Stop by the Princeton Speedway next Friday, racing begins at 7pm.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Shane Sabraski, Eric Martini, Dave Cain, Jeff Patchen, Jeremy Nelson, Dustin Nelson, Larry Zeller, Shawn Fletcher, J.B. Stortz, Toby Patchen, Andy Jones, Tony Proell
Heat 1- J. Nelson, Cain, D. Nelson, J. Patchen, T. Patchen, J.T. Johnson
Heat 2- Martini, Sabraski, Stortz, Zeller, Jones, Fletcher, Proell

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Jason Hall, Bud Martini, Kyle Matuska, Shane Sabraski, Denis Czech, Danny Vang, Jeremy Nelson, Tyler English, David Mastell, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Gino Fontecchio, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper, Larry Paulson
Heat 1- Mastell, Czech, Vang, Putnam, English, J. Toepper, E. Toepper
Heat 2- Matuska, Siercks, Hall, Martini, Sabraski, Fontecchio, Paulson

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Kurt Becken, Dave Read, Jim Gullikson, Pat Zerfas, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones, Jon Gunderson, James Becker, Amanda Milbrandt, Evan Neumann
Heat 1- Gullikson, Read, Milbrandt, Schmidt, Becker
Heat 2- Pogones, Zerfas, Gunderson, Becken, Neumann

Feature- Kyle Thell, Mike Rau, Keith Thell, Ross Mead, Mitch Hribar, Abby Garin, Andy Mayavski, Nick Jelacie, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray
Heat 1- Hribar, Ke. Thell, Mead, Kastner, Murray
Heat 2- Ky. Thell, Rau, Garin, Mayavski, Jelacie

Feature- Gabby Volkers, Dan Rick, Erik Gruhlke, Zac Hribar, Jasmin Matthewman, Brandon Opsahl, Matthew Dibb
Heat- Opsahl, Dibb, Volkers, Gruhlke, Matthewman, Hribar, Rick

UMSS Sprint Cars
Feature- Brooke Tatnell, Tony Norem, Cody Hahn, Jerry Richert, Jr., Chris Graf, Donovan Peterson, Davey Heskin, Leigh Thomas, Lee Grosz, Sye Anderson, Rick Kobs, Joseph Kouba, Ryan Wilson, Jennifer Eriksen, Gunner Cummings, James Broty, Tony Kaus, Troy Manteufel, Jordan Wilmes, Neal Matuska, Victory Knutson, Reed Allex, Dave Becker
Challenge Race 1- Hahn, Grosz, Graf, Heskin, Kobs, Richert, Jr., Thomas, Matuska, Wilmes, Knutson, Wilson, Allex, McVitty
Challenge Race 2- Tatnell, Anderson, Norem, Kouba, Peterson, Manteufel, Cummings, Eriksen, Broty, Becker, Kaus, Goerges, Joe Kouba, Jason Tostenson
Heat 1- Richert, Jr., Tatnell, Graf, Kouba, Cody Hahn, Reed Allex, Knutson, Eriksen, Tostenson
Heat 2- Norem, Heskin, Becker, Wilson, Anderson, Matuska, Cumming, Wilmes, McVitty
Heat 3- Grosz, Peterson, Thomas, Manteufel, Kobs, Kaus, Joe Kouba, Broty, Goerges