Welcome to the new school year

By Dr. Julia Espe • Superintendent


School has begun again!

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy our Minnesota summer and recharge your battery, readying for our students to return.

The work accomplished together this past year brought progress on many fronts. Now, with the start of the 2013-14 school year, we have new opportunities and challenges to improve the lives and futures of Princeton’s children.

Whether our employees are serving food to our students, providing outreach to parents, maintaining one of our facilities, working in an administrative function, teaching or assisting in a classroom, providing guidance to our students and families, or serving in any one of the many other important capacities in this district, each person is integral to ensuring that our schools are highly effective centers of learning. I want to highlight the following priorities as critical to our continued success:

•Effective communication and service.

•Quality instruction through the Marzano Model.*

•Intervention through the RTI Model.**

•Facilities improvements.

•Continuous improvement planning.


Communicating effectively and providing quality service to our schools, families and community benefits all of our children. I hope that we will be able to use technology to provide families with even better access to information to build upon our partnership.

Quality instruction and intervention are of utmost importance to our success. We will continue to apply instruction through the Marzano Model, and it is every employee’s job to support learning for each child in our district.

In addition, we will continue to build a common understanding and practices of the RTI Model, giving more assistance to students who need it and more enrichment to students who need it to grow.

Our district is embarking upon a year of facilities study and planning. In August, citizen committees have already begun a series of needs assessment meetings. An Options Citizen Committee will study their findings in September, and recommendations will be given to the School Board in late October or early November. It is an exciting time for our district.

Another initiative will be in continuous improvement planning for our district. Most certainly, our community members will have a voice in this effort.

I am seeking to unite people, programs and resources as we pursue our goals. I encourage you to support these goals and help us to increase awareness about the importance of them so all of our children can succeed in school and in life.

I am thankful that we have such a talented and dedicated staff, outstanding students and supportive families and community members. Princeton is a wonderful place to be! Together I know we will continue to improve our service to students and families. Thank you.


* Marzano Model—Please see the enclosed graphic, depicting this model.

 ** RTI – Response to Intervention is the academic, emotional, social and health support services that are available to students both in and outside the classroom.