Letter: Amazing rib eyes at new meat market

Welcome to downtown Princeton, Princeton Meats. Charlie and I are so glad to have you open.

I stopped in on Friday, their first day open. I was the last customer of the day and was treated with a smile and great fun banter.

I had stopped in to check out the steaks. Rib eyes are our favorite cut and was very pleased by the look of all the cuts.

I took my purchase home to husband Charlie’s delight. Wow, were they tasty, absolutely the best.  We highly recommend all who are reading this to “get on down” and select your favorite steak. I made meatloaf out of the ground beef; that too was flavorful.

So glad you’re here, James Dougherty and staff. We’ve been watching your progress since May. The wait was worth it and know that we’ll be regulars!!

Carol and Charlie Ossell