Letter: Water conservation needed

“Grass in Minnesota is not green in the summer,” read the sign in the state fair horticulture building.  Yeah! walking on my crunch-under-foot, brown lawn. was being Minnesotan.
I feel robbed passing by a golf-course-green lawn.  The water may have come from the homeowner’s private well.  But really, there is no “private” water.  The well water came from an aquifer we all share.  As the aquifer is depleted, our water table goes down and shallow wells go dry.  We’ve experienced that.
In addition the well watered lawn pushes its pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers closer to the aquifer.  Will Santiago Township join the numerous communities dependent on bottled water because our well water is no longer drinkable?
In cities with municipal water everyone pays according to how much they use.  Water prices increase as the demand grows and more treatment is needed to make the water drinkable.  Perhaps it is time for townships to encourage water conservation for home and farm wells. Should new wells, when dug, be required to have a meter system that allows the homeowner to record how much water is used?  Then should those who use less than average water get a tax break?  Or should we all get taxed for our water usage with the well water taxes going to a dedicated fund for the day our community runs out of water?
Water is a precious finite resource. Let’s conserve now to drink later.

Marty Meyer-Gad