Sherriff’s Report: Sherburne County

The following individuals in the Princeton-Zimmerman area have been booked into the Sherburne County Jail for the alleged offenses:


Aug. 10

n Erik Soule, of 20th Street Southeast in Santiago Township, reported the theft of two trailer ramps that are 4 feet long and 18 inches wide and tractor tire chains from a property located on 319th Avenue Northwest in Blue Hill Township. The estimated value of these items is $350.


Aug. 12

n Thomas Hlivka, of Ham Lake, reported the theft of a copper-colored name sign from a residence located on 290th Avenue in Baldwin Township. The value of the sign is currently unknown.


Aug. 15

n An employee of Nelson Nursery, located on Main Street in Zimmerman, reported that the business had been burglarized and $16 was taken.

n An employee of Paradigm Residential Services, located on the 12600 block of Fremont Avenue in Zimmerman, reported that two sections of shingles had been removed from the roof. On Aug. 23, the same business reported that two windows had been damaged. The estimated cost to repair the damage is currently unknown.


Aug. 21

n Todd Maloney, of 269th Avenue Northwest in Livonia Township, reported that his residence had been damaged. A window was broken out and siding was damaged. The estimated cost to repair is currently unknown.