Regular School Borad Minutes

Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance
The regular meeting of the School Board of District #477 was called to order by Chair Deb Ulm on the 27th day of August 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office Board Room. Roll Call: Members Present: Jeremy Miller, Eric Minks, Chuck Nagle, Howard Vaillancourt, and Chad Young, and Craig Johnson. Others present: Superintendent Julia Espe, Director of Business Services Michelle Czech. Citizen Comments: None
APPROVE AGENDA Motion by Eric Minks and seconded by Jeremy Miller, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion by Craig Johnson and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt, to approve the August 13, 2013 Regular School Board meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously with the suggestion to add a few more items about the Survey presentation.
CONSENT AGENDA Motion was made by Howard Vaillancourt and seconded by Chad Young, to approve the consent agenda items: Gifts, Personnel, Fundraiser, Non-Resident Student Agreements, Fundraisers, Bills, Wire Transfers, and the Treasurers Cash Flow Report. Motion passed unanimously.
Oakland – Rebecca Fuller from Oakland provided the board with an overview of the program.
Marketing Plan Director of Community Education, Gwen Anderson provided a presentation of the districts marketing plan. The plan incorporates items such as brochures that will be available at each building and at various merchants in the district.
Update from Buildings & Grounds Director of Buildings & Grounds Keith Barlarge provided an update of the work that occurred in each building during the summer break. The items were: upgrades to the pool, upgrades to the District Office Circuit Breakers, Middle School boiler inspection, and minor roof leak repairs. In addition, a new air compressor was installed at the Middle School, and new lockers at the High School, and at North Elementary a door opening was created between two classrooms for special students to travel between the classrooms. Painting was done in the parking lots at North and Middle Schools for reorganizing of the drop off procedures. An upgrade of the District Office PA system was done.
Action Items:
Referendum Revenue Resolution –
Director of Business Services Michelle Czech provided the board with information regarding the ability for the district to increase our revenue without increases in taxes. Our district qualifies for this revenue. It provides additional monies from the state. After discussion there was a call for a vote by Craig Johnson. The motion was made to call the question by Craig Johnson and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt. Motion passed unanimously. Next, the motion made by Craig Johnson and second by Howard Vaillancourt to approve the Resolution Authorizing a New Board Approved Referendum Authority. By roll call the following voted in favor of: Howard Vaillancourt, Craig Johnson, Chad Young, Deb Ulm, Eric Minks, Jeremy Miller, and the following voted against: Chuck Nagle. The motion passed 6:1
Upcoming Meetings:
Additions to the Agenda: None
The meeting was adjourned at
8:29p.m. by Chair Ulm
Recorder: Bridget Sorensen
Published in the
Princeton Union Eagle
September 19, 2013

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