Coffee Corner has new owner

By Joel Stottrup

Union-Eagle Reporter


Cheryl Minks says she hopes to expand on her experience running kitchens at chemical dependency treatment centers in running the Coffee Corner in Princeton that she and her husband, Scott Minks, purchased Sept. 4.

Cheryl Minks has worked in the health and human services field for 25 years, working in Anoka, Fridley, Alexandria and for Hazelden, which operates addiction treatment centers.

She said she decided after her last job ended that she would like to work locally. Scott Minks works for Princeton Realty.

Asked about plans for Coffee Corner, Cheryl Minks said: “We’d like to cater to the businesses in town. We will deliver lunches and coffee for meetings and we can do some baked goods. I hope they support us and we hope to do as much local business as possible.”

Besides selling brewed coffee, espresso, lattes and other coffee drinks, as well as smoothies, the Coffee Corner serves sandwiches, including paninis, wraps and breakfast sandwiches. They also serve cookies and scones. The Minks are also considering adding some new items to the menu for winter.

And yes, Cheryl does like coffee; her favorite  is a vanilla cream turtle.

Cheryl said that she and Scott have thought about expanding the Coffee Corner’s space in downtown Princeton. People have asked about the possibility of Coffee Corner obtaining more room for reading books and having musical jam sessions in the evenings, but it’s not something to consider in the first year of ownership, she said. Katie Kalland will assist in managing Coffee Corner.