Sherburne to offer contract to new administrator

The Sherburne County Board voted unanimously Sept. 24 to negotiate a contract with county administrator finalist Steve Taylor.

Taylor  is currently the assistant county administrator for Carver County.

Taylor has worked for Carver county for eight years. Prior to that, he was the  director of finance and administration for the public library system in  Denver.

He has had other program management and finance positions in the private and public sectors, and holds a master’s degree in public administration.

County commissioners interviewed Taylor and four other finalists in Elk River in mid September. . Each of the finalists came from current county administrative work outside of Sherburne County, but in Minnesota.

“We met five excellent candidates, but one was a better fit for us,” said County Board chairwoman Rachel Leonard.The board has split on many other votes this year, but agreed that Taylor was it’s top choice among the applicants for this process.

“I’m happy it was a 5-0 vote because we’ve had enough of those 3 to 2 (decisions).,” Leonard said.Leonard said the board asked of Taylor what he would do in the event the board splits a vote against a proposal he may personally favor.

Taylor responded firmly that he would stay neutral in those board discussions, Leonard said. “That was very satisfying to me,” the board chair said. “I was pleased to (hear) he would stay neutral in it, which is what he should do.”