Knife-wielding man pleads guilty to domestic assault

A Princeton man who “flipped out” after a child refused to go for a walk at 2 a.m. on a school day is behind bars pleading guilty to a felony domestic assault charge.

crime Wuollett

Benjamin Lee Wuollet, 30, of Princeton, was charged with two counts of felony domestic assault and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the legal process. He pleaded guilty to a felony count of domestic assault during an Oct. 10 plea hearing.

Princeton Police were called to 106 10th Ave. N. at 2:04 a.m. on Oct. 1 on a report of a 911 hang-up, according to a criminal complaint filed in Mille Lacs County District Court.

The complaint alleges that Wuollet slapped a child who refused to go for a walk because it was cold outside and because the child had school in the morning. Wuollet then allegedly held a knife to his arm and also hit an adult present at the scene.

Wuollet had already fled the area when responding officers arrived on scene.

But it wasn’t long before officers found Wuollet walking down an alley. Wuollet quickly approached and swore at the officer, the complaint alleges.

The officer then drew his gun, pointed it at Wuollet and ordered him to the ground. Wuollet allegedly refused and kept coming toward the officer.

Asked by the officer where his knife was, Wuollet quickly pulled it from his pocket, the complaint states. Wuollet complied with an order to throw the knife on the ground, but continued toward the officer in what the officer described as a fighting stance.

The officer then put his gun in its holster, took out his Taser and used it to put Wuollet under arrest, the complaint states.

“Just take me to jail,” Wuollet allegedly told the officer.

Wuollet is set to be sentenced on Dec. 12.