Dam project nears completion

dam project















After nearly four years of planning and contracting, the pedestrian walking bridge replacement and dam removal projects are nearing completion.

The WPA-era rolling cement dam has been completely removed, and some of the rock for the riffles and bank stabilization will be placed shortly.

Crews have yet to finish installing a 20-foot buffer along the bank just north of the walking bridge.

According to City Manager Greg Lerud, a contractor has been selected and will install the native grasses and plant life. The area behind the buffer is slated to be seeded with grass. A path will be left that will run north from the bridge to the north end of the park and then loop back to the parking lot.

With winter fast approaching, a few finishing touches will have to wait until next spring, however. The area between the new pedestrian bridge and the railroad bridge will be completed in 2014.

The approach on both sides of the walking bridge will be paved in 2014 as well.

Another improvement is planned in the form of a new parking lot. The new lot in Rec Park, included in the 2014 budget, will be gravel and located south of the band shell.

Once all of these improvements have been completed, there will be a paved path from the end of the road beginning behind the band shell and continuing to the bridge.