Recipe: Sauteed Mushrooms in a Crockpot

Recipe Pic


By Barb Goslinga and Sandy Northway


Last week I shared about the Crocktoberfest that we had at work. This was the winning recipe that was served that day, demonstrated by being the first slow cooker empty. The dish was made by Barb Goslinga, who wants to give the praise to her sister, Sandy Northway for the recipe. No matter whose recipe it is, this was the best! If you have to make a dish for a potluck and want to become a star because of your dish, then bring these mushrooms. They are easy to make but a bit costly. I checked out packages of mushrooms while shopping this week and they are not cheap. But the taste is well worth the cost.

Pictured are Sandy Northway and Barb Goslinga, sisters from the Foreston area, who have fun doing everything from cooking, crafting and buying donkeys together.


1 lb butter

1 pkg. ranch dressing mix

5 cartons of mushrooms (washed)


Melt butter and mix in dressing package mix.

Put in the crock pot with mushrooms, stir occasionally.

Cook 5 hours on high.