Affordable Care Act raises questions

I’ve been thinking about the Affordable Care Act or as it’s more commonly known, “Obama Care”. You could call it “Romney Care”, as it’s not that much different from the law Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts with a beaming Teddy Kennedy, (now deceased), by his side.

Here’s the thing; if Obama care fails as the Republicans say it will, raises everyone’s cost’s, kills jobs, and creates generalized mayhem, the Democratic party will be banished to the deep woods for at least a generation and won’t be able to elect a dog catcher let alone a President, Senate or House of Representatives. Being that’s the case, why are they, (the Republican and the Tea Party), so opposed to it? Remember, the Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted more than 40 times to de-fund Obama care and doing so is the Tea Parties number one objective.

On the other hand, if despite it’s rough roll out and website problems, Obama care succeeds, brings health coverage to the millions of Americans who do not now have it, controls costs, protects you from losing your coverage when you get sick and becomes as beloved as Social Security, It will be the Republicans who will be out of power for the next generation or two.

Are the Republicans trying to save the Democrats from themselves so they, (the Democrats), will be able to keep their jobs and hold on to power? Prehaps that’s the case but I don’t think so but I’m no expert, so I, like you will just have to wait and see how all this plays out. Think about it.

P.S. You may want to read the editorial written by Jason Lewis, a pretty smart and sound conservative, in which he lays out the reasons that he feels Obama care will fail and, “is a gift” to the Republicans, published in last Sunday’s Star Tribune. He did not inspire my letter which I have been thinking about for several weeks and mentioned to the Union-Eagle Editor Jeff Hage last week when I saw him doing good works in our community, at Coborn’s grocery store, selling roses to raise funds for, I believe, the Rotary Club.

Stephen Hodder, Princeton