Factual data needed to pass school proposal

What a surprise.

After months of meetings and somewhat selective citizen input, we now need a new school.

How much of our tax dollars did the School Board waste on this? This is what they wanted to hear from the beginning. This is why they hired consultants to make questionnaires that, by the time you got to the final question, it had you convinced that the only real solution is a new school, not remodeling and adding on to the present one.

The only thing that is certain is that the “portables” need to be replaced. I am told that there is not enough room to add on to the building but if the portables are removed there is the same amount of space that they took up.

If we remodel the old building there may be asbestos and other hazardous materials to deal with. If we build a new building, the old one will be demolished and there will be the same hazardous materials to deal with.

I am not opposed to building a new school. The School Board and Administration will need to do a much better job of selling it to the taxpayers than they have in the past. It may even be beneficial to have some of the “common folk” that struggle to live from day to day indorse this. Not just the “rich people” that have always indorsed every proposed project.

They can get this passed if they show there is a real need not just something that is viewed as another monument to the School Board.

If we really need a new school then show us in factual, no uncertain terms, why this is the most economical solution.

If you do this, I think it may even pass.


Dave DeWars