Opportunity awaits the downtown

The closing of Thrifty White and Hallmark Store is a sad event and creates another hole in downtown Princeton. It also creates a golden opportunity for the Princeton Visionary Committee to work towards something that Princeton needs and wants.   How about recruiting a young pharmacist to open a franchise pharmacy such as Medicap or The Pharmacy? Would CVS or Walgreens use the space?  Would a Hallmark franchise owner in another community be willing to open a store here?  Could it be a brew pub, since craft beers are all the rage?

A store could be open 364 days a years, would not be flooded out in the spring, create year round jobs and would not require the city to maintain it in the future. The city could put the money toward improving the alley behind the Ossell’s which is used year round.    A vision of full store fronts is a vision that many could get behind.

Jane Odgers