Thanks directed towards many after performance of ‘Peter Pan’

After attending several of the performances of Peter Pan, a few accolades needed to be passed out to those responsible.

Thank you, to the cast, your efforts are the heart and soul of any show. Without you it obviously would not be a success. What many people don’t realize is your hard work began the first week of school, back in September. Your dedication being every bit as long and demanding as any sport, the exception being your season comes and goes in 2 weekends, with no chance of playoffs.

Thank you, to the crew, your efforts make the entire process appear effortless, even though it isn’t. Although you don’t show up on stage, the show would absolutely not happen without you.

Thank you, to the myriad of volunteers, who assist with everything from taking tickets to painting scenery, to the crew who made the actors fly. You gave of your time, and vacation to make this show a success. It is a testament to our community that we have people who step up and take the initiative to help make this happen.

Thank you to the artistic staff whose vision was so clearly seen in the high level of production quality showcased these last two weekends. Your dedication to making this show a success goes well beyond mere time. It is evident that this production has been in the forefront of your thoughts since before summer began. These productions are so wonderful, and mean so much, to so many kids in our district, that one has to ask, if given the chance why don’t we do this every year?

Thank you to the district administration and school board, for your support of fine arts activities. They truly do build life long appreciation of the arts, and provide skills that the students will use for a lifetime.

Thank you to the community, and sponsors who supported this play, and supported the building of such wonderful facility as the PAC. I did not attend a performance where praise for the facility were not mentioned. It is a great space and we are lucky to have it in our town.

We have a very special gift in this community, we have the right people in the right positions that can see the final product and move to make that happen. We have an excellent group of young people who wish to share their talents and gifts with us. We have a dedicated group of parents, and community members who want to give of their time to help make these productions possible.

We have a school district that supports the fine arts as well as it does the athletic activities. Without any one of these, it would not be possible to go to the PAC and take in what went on there the last two weekends.

Mitchell Field                                                                                     Princeton