How do you bake a turkey

The children of of Bright Child Development Center

share how they bake a Thankgiving turkey


You have to get a turkey from

the farm. Then you cook it. Then

I eat it.

Kolton, age 4


You make it with shells. then

make it with bricks. Then you

make it with straw

Bjorn, age 3


You need to put pepper on it and

salt then you color the chickens.

Logan, age 4


We cook it in the oven the put it

on a plate and we eat it.

Karsen, age 4


We get it from someones house

on the farm. Then we cook it. Then

we eat it.

Soren, age 5


Daddy puts his arm in the turkey

and puts salt on it. He bakes

it in a huge oven.

Olivia, age 4


You pat it then put salt on it.

Natalie, age 4


My dad puts pears and peaches

on the turkey and he puts in the


Remington, age 4


You put salt on it. Bake it in the

oven for 20 minutes. Then you eat


Bella, age 4


I will make one later. I’ll color

on it. Then hang it up.

Hunter, age 4


He bakes it then puts salt, pepper

and cheese. I eat yogurt and

steak with my turkey

Ava, age 4


Mommy puts the turkey in the

oven to cook it. The we eat it.

Tavaris, age 4


Mommy makes the turkey in the

oven with salt, peper and pancakes.

Lydia, age 4


You make your

handprint first.

Then you make

his mouth and his

eyes. And thats

how you make a


Taylor, age 4


I cook the

turkey in the

microwave. After

I put salt on

it. Then eat it.

Lauren, age 4


I put it in

a little oven.

You put salt

on it. Then I

put it in a big


Jadyn, age 4