December 17

The regular meeting of the School Board of District #477 was called to order by Chair Deb Ulm on the 17th day of December 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office Board Room. Members Present: Eric Minks, Jeremy Miller, Chuck Nagle, Deb Ulm, Howard Vaillancourt, and Chad Young. Members Absent: Craig Johnson. Others present: Superintendent Julia Espe and Director of Business Services Michelle Czech. Student Council Rep: Gabrielle Foede
Citizen Comments: None
Recognition of Student Achievement: Mary Claire Mayerchak for advancing to the State Tennis Tournament, achieving #1 Singles Section Champion and Conference Player of the Year and Megan Gourley for breaking the school diving record. Activities Director Darin Laabs presented to the Mississippi 8 Fall results.
Truth in Taxation Hearing: Director of Business Services, Michelle Czech provided the board, and the citizens with an overview of the district funds, current budget, enrollment, expenses, and where the tax payer dollars are utilized.
APPROVE AGENDA: Motion made by Howard Vaillancourt with the removal of the agenda item: Property and Liability Insurance, seconded by Chad Young, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
DISCUSS and ACT on PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES: Motion by Eric Minks and seconded by Chad Young, to approve the November 26, 2013 Regular School Board meeting minutes, and the November 26, 2013, Closed Meeting Minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
CONSENT AGENDA: Motion was made by Howard Vaillancourt and seconded by Eric Minks, to approve the consent agenda items: Gifts, Personnel, Non Resident Agreements, Bills, Wires and Transfers, and the Treasurers report. Motion passed unanimously.
Set Tax Levy Payable for 2013-2014: Motion was made by Jeremy Miller and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt to approve the Set Tax Levy Payable for 2013-2014 as it is presented. Upon roll call the following voted in favor of: Howard Vaillancourt, Deb Ulm, Eric Minks, and Jeremy Miller, Chad Young, and the following member voted against the same: Chuck Nagle. Motion was passed 5:1
Property & Liability Insurance Removed
Seniority Lists: Motion was made by Howard Vaillancourt and seconded by Eric Minks to approve the Seniority Lists. Upon roll call the following voted in favor of: Howard Vaillancourt, Deb Ulm, Chuck Nagle, Eric Minks, Chad Young, and the following voted against the same: Jeremy Miller. Motion was passed 6:1.
POLICY 1st READINGS: #405 Veterans Preference, #406 Employee Public and Private Personnel Data, #407 Employee Right to Know -Exposure to Hazardous Substances, #418 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School, #419 Tobacco-Free Environment. The board approved the policies to be moved to 2nd reading.
MEETINGS TO SET: Activities Board Committee Meeting_January 8, 9:00 Board Room. MSBA Leadership Conference January 16th & 17th Registered to attend: Julia, Jeremy, Eric, Deb, Craig, Chad, Brenda, Michelle Czech. There were no additions to the agenda and the meeting was adjourned at 8:20p.m. The full board minutes are located in the Superintendents Office at the School District Office building, 706 1st St, and on the districts website
Recorder: Bridget Sorensen
Published in the
Princeton Union Eagle
January 23, 2014

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