Complaints of vehicle violations prove to be minimal

Thomas A. Kvamme • For the Mille Lacs County Times

During a December Milaca City Council meeting, it was brought to the attention of council members that some snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle drivers were crossing on private land.

In conjunction with the discussion, a minor change was made to Chapter 73 according to city code, grouping recreational motorized vehicles with golf carts and ATVs.

Upon further discussion, it was agreed the situation would be monitored; however, Milaca Police Chief Todd Quaintance sided with the council.

“This actually has been a pretty good year, with only a few complaints on the topic,” Quaintance said.

Snowmobiles and ATVs are allowed to operate within the city, but they are required to ride to the most direct path taking them out of the city.

These vehicles are not to be considered a mode of transportation within city limits.

Quaintance said that a problem can arise when somebody decides to “shorten a corner,” and go across private property.

“We get an occasional call, but this winter I would say we have had less then five,” Quaintance said.

Snowmobiles head out to connect with the groomed trails, with one of those trails going through the center of downtown Milaca.

For more information on ordinances and city code, City Manager Greg Lerud said, go to, then click “ordinances” on the left side of the home page and then “American Legal” on the top line, and that will take you out to the city code. This page is searchable, so you can search for keywords to locate specific topics.

For more information, you can also contact city council members, who are also listed on the city website.