Reminder about election guidelines

ECM Publishers Inc., the parent company of this newspaper, believes coverage of elections from start to finish is important. Following are some of the guidelines we embrace toward fulfilling fair and consistent election coverage as adopted by our ECM Editorial Board.


Filing statements

Each candidate running for a local office receives one free filing statement announcing their candidacy. The announcement needs to be 400 words or less and may include the candidate’s photo. We will run the filing statements each week on page 5 of our newspaper in the next available edition after receipt. We reserve the right to edit filing statements. A candidate’s website, Facebook page or other social media sites will not be included with their filing statements.


Letter to the editor

Our policy on letters to the editor applies to political letters. Letters must be 350 words or less.

All letters must be signed and include an address and phone number for verification purposes only, including letters sent by email. No letters to the editor regarding campaign issues will be published in the issue immediately preceding the election. If letters are submitted containing a challenge or allegation about a candidate that requires a response or rebuttal, the candidate will be allowed to respond.

Letters signed by candidates will not be accepted, but the candidate will be able to submit rebuttal letters or a letter regarding an allegation in a news story. Otherwise, the candidate’s opinion can be published in an advertisement.



Notices of fundraisers will not be published, unless someone of news prominence, such as the governor, were to attend. In general, endorsements, such as from political action committees, will not be published. Notices of political gatherings will be noted in our newspaper with date, time and place only.

Questions? Editor Jeff Hage can be reached at 763-231-3243 or via email at [email protected] Filing statements are preferred to be received via email, but can be dropped off or mailed to this newspaper’s office at 208 N. Rum River Drive in Princeton.