Snow makeup days eating into school break in April


Princeton Public Schools will be in session April 16 and 17, originally part of a week break leading up to Good Friday and Easter.

The School Board on Jan. 28 passed a motion to have school open those two days to make up for when the schools were closed Jan. 27 and 28 due to cold weather.

The motion also declared the Jan. 23 closing a “day of grace,” in Superintendent Julia Espe’s words, meaning it won’t have to be made up.

Princeton Public Schools were closed this year on Jan. 6, 7, 23, 27 and 28 because of the harsh cold, and the schools also started two hours late on Dec. 4 because of the wintry weather.

Princeton schools will be open April 14 and 15 to make up for the school closings on Jan. 6 and 7. Although April 14 and 15 were designated on the school calendar as potential makeup days, they would have been vacation days along with April 16 and 17 had it not been for the closings. There will be no classes on April 18, Good Friday.

Espe recommended the board’s action on Jan. 28 for the makeup days and commented that the grace days recognize the hard work and extra hours that teachers often put in to do their job.

Espe also told the board that if there are additional school closings, she is proposing that staff development days be rescheduled for the end of the school year on June 9 and 10 for each day that the schools are closed.

“If we exceed two more days, I propose that we have another day of grace,” she added. “If all of these days are used, and more days of school closings happen, then I will bring another plan to the School Board.”