School district to run referendum in May

Princeton School District voters will have a referendum this coming May seeking permission to bond for up to $30 million to construct a new K-2 elementary and to remodel and add onto the high school facilities, plus do some district-wide security and tech upgrades.
The school board passed the referendum motion unanimously at its meeting Thursday, Feb. 6. The motion states that the referendum would take place on or near May 20. The proposal would include elimination of the district’s portables, at the high school renovate the kitchen and cafeteria, create additional gym space, do handicap accessibility upgrades, improve the industrial-tech facilities and make security and technology improvements. The tech and security improvements would also be done at other of the district’s facilities.
The high school has one portable building designed with two units, while the adjacent grades K-2 South Elementary has a 14-unit portable classrooms building that is used for all of grade 2. The proposed new K-2 school would be intended to replace South Elementary.
There was not a lot of discussion at the meeting leading up to the motion to set up the referendum, though there had been discussions on the issue at prior meetings in the past several months. The referendum motion was made by school board member Craig Johnson and seconded by member Howard Vaillancourt.