County gives permit to resolve complaint about use of island

John Klein, of Isle, will be able to store a limited number of fish houses on Doe Island in the Isle area of Mille Lacs Lake and to generally develop the island.
The Mille Lacs County Board of Commissioners on Feb. 4 approved an interim use permit for Klein to allow it.
The board gave approval after Mille Lacs County Land Services Director Michele McPherson explained the background and noted that the county Planning Commission on Jan. 13 recommended approval of the permit.
The Planning Commission’s vote was not unanimous, with Commission Member Steve Johnson casting a dissenting vote. Johnson said at the Planning Commission meeting that he has a personal connection with the island, being that he has lived in the area all his life, and didn’t like seeing structures on Doe Island. Johnson called the structures there an “eyesore” and said that he would prefer that any structure on the island be a “legitimate cabin.”
McPherson told the commissioners that the permit is a way to resolve the complaint her office received regarding the structures seen on the island. She said she had been working since last fall with Klein to come up with a possible resolution.
During County Board’s discussion, Commissioner Dave Oslin, of Isle, asked whether Klein would be having a septic system on the island, and if so, he noted he would prefer it be the above-ground type. McPherson responded that Klein only plans on a compost-type toilet. She also noted that Klein does not have a well on the island.
As far as the structures that have been on the island, Klein said that two were fish houses and that a third was a bunk house that could come off the island as a fish house.
The board approved the permit with the five following conditions that were recommended by the Planning Commission:
–The permit is only valid until any ownership transfer.
–Only a maximum of three fish houses would be allowed, and the fish houses would have to meet county code.
–That there be no increase in the number, or of the dimensions of, the permanent structures that are present on the parcel as of Jan. 13, 2014.
–Neither commercial operation of a fish house park nor rental of fish houses is not allowed.
–The permit is not valid until all applicable setbacks, septic and building codes are met, or a variance is approved.