Nagle announces candidacy for Baldwin township board

Editor’s note: Submitted by the candidate on the candidate’s own behalf.


My name is Chuck Nagle and I am a candidate for Baldwin Township supervisor. Law photo

The election is March 11, and since it will be a single checkbox ballot, less than 100 votes could decide the outcome.

Very few voters exercise their right to select the candidate who will spend their hard-earned tax money. Another election with a single issue and extremely low voter turnout is a school district special election to vote on a referendum to borrow money.

I have been asked why I would be a candidate for Baldwin supervisor while a member of the Princeton School Board, since I am not allowed to hold both positions. While it is true that I am currently a conservative voice on the school board, to date I have not moved much closer toward my vision of improving graduation rates, expanded industrial arts education or reducing bus ride times. In fact there has been very little discussion of strategic issues during my tenure.

As a School Board, we just unanimously approved yet another referendum to build a replacement elementary school. It is not clear to me what has changed from the two previous attempts. I presented an opportunity for a different win-win approach to eliminating the portable classrooms. However, if politics prevails until taxpayers pony up for new school, I may have to seriously consider if I wish to continue. I cannot in good conscience sit back and simply vote “yes” to whatever the school district staff recommends aka “do what is best for kids.” Doing nothing is not an option.

My father taught me three very important lessons: Learn something new each day, help someone every day and give back to the community. If I’m elected, my father will grade my progress. I would most like to serve as a custodian of your taxes.

Truth equals Correctness plus Completeness. I will strive for all of the correct facts to make an informed decision and will always promote complete disclosure of “all” public information. I use a data-driven, common-sense approach to decision making and measure success by continuous improvement. If I ever provide incorrect facts, I will sincerely apologize.

I will never say one thing and vote the opposite, especially about raising your taxes. When you hear me speak or read what I have written, sometimes I may be only providing additional facts and not promoting a personal agenda.