Recipe: Monte Cristo

Nichole Kranzler works with her sister Katie and their parents Steven and Toni Kranzler in operating Steven’s Restaurant & Catering, which opened Nov. 5, 2008, in downtown Princeton.recipe nichole kranzler

Nichole waitresses and assists with catering and other tasks at the restaurant.

“It’s a nonstop job sometimes,” she said. “There are always people to please … not in a bad way. It’s being involved with people. We love working around people.”

Besides the Kranzler family members, the restaurant also employs workers who, Nichole said, “we call our little Stevens family.”

To do a job well at a restaurant, “you really have to care,” Nichole said. “Your heart has to  be in it. … You have to be made for it. You must be a people person who enjoys working with people and appreciate the customers.”

Nichole’s interests, besides her fiance Tony, include spending time with her son Kaeden, 5, who is in kindergarten in Big Lake, where Nichole and Kaeden live, as well as shopping, music, movies and reading.

Nichole grew up in Elk River. After graduating from high school, she attended the Regency Beauty Institute in St. Cloud.

Nichole calls her Monte Cristo recipe a sweet sandwich that Steven’s Restaurant serves about once a month, usually on a Friday. You can either deep fry the sandwich for 30 minutes or grill it.



Texas toast bread (not toasted)

thin-sliced maple-glazed ham

thin-sliced mesquite turkey

Fontina cheese

provolone cheese


On top of a piece of the bread, place a layer of the cheeses, turkey and ham. Place a piece of bread on top of that and then layer with the cheeses, turkey and ham. Finally cap that with a piece of bread.

Dip the sandwich in a batter made up of a mixture of eggs, pineapple juice and maple syrup. Grill the sandwich and then sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar and serve with raspberry remoulade.



Mix together mayo, raspberries, raspberry preserves, honey and yogurt.