School referendum to be one question

The Princeton School Board has decided to have its construction referendum this coming May consist of one question.
It will ask district voters if they would approve the district issuing general obligation bonds not to exceed $29.955 million to construct and equip a new elementary, decommission or sell South Elementary, make facility improvements at the high school, install safety, security and technology improvements throughout the district and complete other improvements to existing district sites and facilities.
That is a condensed version of the 100-word question. A statement will also be attached to that a yes vote will be a vote for a property tax increase.
The school board made the decision Feb. 18 to have the referendum be in the form of one question, after weighing the option of splitting the facilities request into two questions.
Superintendent Julia Espe introduced the subject, explaining that the district consulted with an attorney on this. She said the attorney advised that if the referendum was to have two questions, the first question should seek funding approval to build a new K-2 elementary and if the voter answers yes, then they would be asked to vote on a second question requesting funding approval to improve high school facilities.
The proposed new elementary would replace the current K-2 South Elementary. While the proposed high school facilities improvements are not detailed in the planned referendum question, the school board has accepted a citzen options committee recommendation regarding the high school to add two gym floors, improve the cafeteria, kitchen, and technology areas and make security improvements. The options committee also has listed as high priority to make security improvements elsewhere in the district buildings, which the board also accepted.
Board members debated the pros and cons to either having just one question or split the request into two questions. Board member Howard Vaillancourt
The motion to have one question passed with members Howard Vaillancourt, Craig Johnson, Chad Young, chair Deb Ulm, Eric Minks and Jeremy Miller voting yes, and member Chuck Nagle abstaining.
A full story on the decision will be in the Feb. 27 Union-Eagle.