February 6 Regular

Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance: The regular meeting of the School Board of District #477 was called to order by Chair Deb Ulm on the 6th day of February, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office Board Room.
Roll Call: Members Present: Craig Johnson, Eric Minks, Jeremy Miller, Chuck Nagle, Deb Ulm, Howard Vaillancourt, and Chad Young. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Julia Espe, Director of Business Services Michelle Czech, and Director of Human Resources Brenda Alexander. Student Council Rep: Absent. Citizen Comments: Rich Harris Objects to the recommendations for a new Elementary school. APPROVE AGENDA Motion made by Craig Johnson, and seconded by Chad Young, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
DISCUSS and ACT on PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES Motion by Howard Vaillancourt, and seconded by Craig Johnson, to approve the January 28, 2014 Regular School Board meeting minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
CONSENT AGENDA Motion made by Chad Young, and seconded by Craig Johnson, to approve the consent agenda items: Personnel, and Non-Resident agreements. Motion passed unanimously.
INFORMATION ITEMS Principal Dan Voce, and Assistant Principal Sarah Marxhausen, presented to the board an update on the Middle Schools teaching framework beginning with the standard work: PBIS/Bullying prevention, PLS/ATPPS,WEB, Student Activities, Due Process, Skyward (Basic), Shared Leadership/BLT, and Teacher advisory. Adaptive work: Marzano/iObservation, RTI (Response to Intervention), Academic and Behavior interventions, Data-Based decisions, effective teaming, and articulated curriculum. Learning Work: Read 180, Skyward (advanced), Common CORE (focus on reading/writing at a higher level), 21st Century Career and College, Restitution, and Problem Solving.
ACTION ITEMS High School Program of Studies: Principal Barb Muckenhirn presented the proposed 2014-15 High School Program of Studies changes.
New proposed courses: Fashion and Fabrics II for grades 9-12, ProSTART B (Meals II) for grades 10-12, and AP Calculus (yearlong) for grade 12. Course Name Changes: Calculus to AP Calculus, and Interpersonal & Career Skills to College & Career Exploration. Request for approval: to move forward with advanced placement (AP) and College in the schools (CIS) programming. Additional information: Interpersonal & Career Skills required FACS course in order to meet new Postsecondary Pathway requirements set forth in legislation last spring. A twelve week curriculum is being implemented in trimesters 2 and 3 to prepare students for the ACT exam. AP Calculus may be changed mid-year in order for students to prepare for the spring AP exam. Currently calculus is a two-trimester course which causes a gap between the end of the course and the AP exam.
Motion made by Craig Johnson, and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt, to approve the High School Program of Studies as proposed, and approve the move forward on AP and CIS as needed. Motion passed unanimously.
Facilities: A motion was made by Chuck Nagle, seconded by Eric Minks, to proceed with a voter referendum in May 2014 consisting of two independent questions: (a) new K-2 elementary school on the North Elementary property, and (b) additional HS gymnasiums and improvements, and the secure entrance vestibules at the High School and Middle School, for a total proposed bond amount not to exceed $30m. If question one fails the district will proceed as soon as possible with South Elementary renovations and expansion similar to the recent North Elementary project. Upon roll call the following voted in favor of: Chuck Nagle, and the following voted against: Howard Vaillancourt, Craig Johnson, Chad Young, Deb Ulm, Eric Minks, and Jeremy Miller. Motion failed.
A second motion was made by Craig Johnson, and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt, to approve proceeding with planning, development, approvals, design, and implementation of a District-wide improvements project to be funded thru a voter-approved bond referendum on or near May 20, 2014, to include construction of a new K-2 elementary building; improvements at the existing High School including elimination of the portable classrooms, kitchen & cafeteria renovations, creation of additional gymnasium space, ADA upgrades, and IT Shop improvements; and security and technology improvements throughout the District.
The motion was amended by Howard Vaillancourt, and seconded by Craig Johnson, to include that this motion directs the District administration to work with Wold and ICS to proceed with further development of the project scopes, completion, and submission of necessary applications and documentation to the Minnesota Department of Education for formal review, with total project cost not to exceed $30 Million.
Upon roll call the following voted in favor of: Eric Minks, Jeremy Miller, Howard Vaillancourt, Craig Johnson, Chad Young, Deb Ulm, and Chuck Nagle. Motion passed unanimously.
FUTURE MEETINGS: Finance meeting: Feb 11, 5:30 pm
ADJOURN At 7:45 pm
Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 13D.05, subdivision 2(b), Chair Ulm moved to close the meeting for negotiation strategies.
Chair Deb Ulm
Recorder: Bridget Sorensen
Clerk Eric Minks
Published in the
Princeton Union Eagle
February 27, 2014

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