Detailing shop looks to make your vehicle shiny and clean

Next time you get your vehicle cleaned from one end to the other, you can help out the athletic programs at the Milaca Public Schools, too.
That’s because Rich Lamont and his wife Amanda are giving 5 percent of the proceeds of their new business, Due North Detailing, to the school system.
Car detailing is the painstaking washing, interior cleansing and waxing of a vehicle. Detailing usually gets out most scratches, stains and rust.
It’s a return to the family business for Lamont.
Rick Lamont grew up in Princeton. His parents owned Princeton-based K&L Sparkle Clean, which at its peak consisted of six locations.
“I grew up in the detailing business and started working when I was 13,” Lamont said.
He eventually became a truck driver with a route that kept him in the region.
Still, the hours were long and the time away from family was taking its toll on Lamont.
He and Amanda moved to Milaca nearly five years ago, and as their children grew older and participated in school activities, Lamont realized it was time for a change.
“We love the people around here. They’re good people,” Lamont said.
They wanted to find a way to provide a new service with a way to give back to the community.
The couple decided on the school athletic programs. The detailing business was their answer.
“Cleaning is not just for cars,” Lamont said.
In addition to your average cars and trucks, Rich and Amanda clean semi tractors, campers and even fish houses.
They’ll give your vehicle a hand wash with a towel dry. They will clean the interior and give it fresh shampoo using their new shampooing equipment.
They specialize in clay baring, too. That’s a service that removes contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal.
Due North’s detailing shop is located at 450 Fifth St. SW, Suite 104 on the back side of the Mike Nelson Auto Glass building.