Mille Lacs approves agreement to share Traxler

The agreement is finalized for Mille Lacs County to share its administrator, Roxy Traxler, with Aitkin County until the first week of June or when Aitkin County hires a new administrator.

Mille Lacs County commissioners approved the agreement Feb. 18, the contract starting retroactive to Feb. 11.

It was reported prior to Feb. 18 that Aitkin County had approved the agreement.

The terms

Traxler will remain the administrator of Mille Lacs County during the contract period and Mille Lacs will maintain the liability and insurance for her. She is to be available to attend Aitkin County Board meetings and other meetings requested by Aitkin County but the Aitkin meetings cannot interfere with scheduled Mille Lacs County meetings.

Aitkin County is to pay Mille Lacs County $4,767 per month for a total of 20 hours per week of service to Aitkin County. Of the 20 hours per week, 16 of the hours must be on site in Aitkin County, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Aitkin County Board.

During the initial and final months of the agreement, the monthly payment from Aitkin County to Mille Lacs will be paid on a pro rata basis. Otherwise the payment will be calculated on a full monthly basis.

Mileage, extra vacation

Mille Lacs County will be paying Traxler mileage under the IRS rate for transportation between Aitkin and Mille Lacs counties as well as for other approved mileage during the contract. Traxler will also earn an additional three days (24 hours) of vacation per pay period (two weeks), as part of the contract.

Aitkin asked for the cooperative agreement after it learned it would be losing its administrator.

Either county can terminate the agreement by giving 15 days notice.