Men’s double quartet to sing at Bethel Church for food shelf drive

Bring some perishable food items or cash to Bethel Church in Princeton on Sunday, March 23, to donate for a local food drive in Princeton and Milaca and enjoy the four-part harmony of a men’s double quartet, Redeemed.
The concert begins at 3 p.m., and donations for admission will support Princeton Pantry during its annual March into April drive for donations.
Redeemed began in 2006 as the result of an assignment Lois Roelofs, of Milaca, received in the spring of that year. She had to come up with entertainment for Christian Reformed Church in Pease during Pease’s annual Fourth of July events in 2006.
Roelofs, facing the assignment, thought about the many men who had sung at events during her time of playing piano and organ in the area (now 40 years), and every one of the men she asked to be in the double quartet agreed to participate. They even knew of someone to fill in one vacant spot.
All but member Russell Swanson are original in the group. He was a replacement for original member Joel Ruis when Ruis moved to Wisconsin a few years after the double quartet was formed. Other members are Tom Hase, Joel DeHaan, Dick Ahlberg, Tedd Owens, Norris Johnson, Bob Swanson and Ron Bergstrom. Roelofs is the group’s coordinator and accompanist.
All have occupations. DeHann is a physician’s assistant, Hase is in the banking industry, Johnson and Owens are in plumbing, Bergstrom and Ahlberg lay carpet, Bob Swanson owns Country Sales Furniture, and Russell Swanson is a draftsman. All live in the greater Zimmeran, Princeton, Milaca, Bock area except Hase who lives in St. Anthony in the metro area.
“These guys are good,” Roelofs said. “They can hit the real high notes, higher than me, and the real low ones too.”
Redeemed, which is a gospel singing group, learns new material to perform when the members meet each week to rehearse. Redeemed has been performing at many events, including funerals, since forming.
Besides the singing aspect, the members have developed a friendship that is “amazing,” Roelofs said: “They pray together. They cry together. They are supportive of each other.”