March 4

Board Meeting Tuesday, March 4, 2014
These are summary minutes only, per MN Statute 375.12. Full text of meeting minutes is available for public inspection at the Administrative Services Office, located at 635 2nd St. SE, Milaca, MN., and may also be viewed on the Countys website:
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m., with the following members present: Commissioners Wilhelm, Reynolds, Oslin, and Tellinghuisen.
Approve the agenda. (Wilhelm, Tellinghuisen; 5-0)
Approve the following consent agenda items: Approve Minutes of 2/18/14 Board Meeting; Review of Auditors Warrants; Adopt Resolution No.: 3-4-14-2, County Auditor-Treasurer Warrant Approval; Approve revised Credit Card Policy; Approve contract with Indiana State University to host student nurses for their public health clinical rotation at our site; Approve contract with MN DHS to conduct Educate and Congratulate tobacco compliance checks in Mille Lacs County to receive reimbursement in the amount of $1,760 for activity costs; Approve engagement letter with the Office of the State Auditor for auditing of the Countys financial statements for year ended December 31, 2013; Authorize execution of lease with Rick Straka for PID 04-024-0501 for the amount of $30; Submittal of various monthly reports; Authorize the purchase of a Woods 72 Pick up Broom with Poly Gutter Broom from Titan Machinery for $5,973.56; Authorize the purchase of a RB2410 from Deere and Co. for $5,631, from Scharber & Sons in Rogers, MN; Authorize the purchase of a Woods 72 Root Grapple Skidsteer attachment from Titan Machinery for $3,266; Authorize the purchase of a Swenson STCC Cross Conveyor from Towmaster for $6,383; Approve the Set Up License for Gregory & Debra Tabor, DBA: Little Whitefish Resort & Cafe, in Kathio Township. (Oslin, Wilhelm; 5-0)
Approve the description for the position of Evidence Technician and authorize filling the part-time, intermittent position. (Wilhelm, Oslin; 5-0)
Approve adding a full-time Deputy Sheriff position in April 2014, and to use Sheriffs Office forfeiture funds to pay for the new Deputys salary in 2014. (Oslin, Reynolds; 5-0)
Adopt Ordinance No.:
LSO 2014-01:
New language underlined, language to be deleted struck through.
Permit Requirements
(1) Permit Application Requirements
Permit application shall be made on forms provided by the Land Services Office (LSO), and signed by the property owner/properly owners agent. Permit applications shall be accompanied by the fee set by the County Board, an Operating Permit where applicable. Management Plan, and Abandonment Certificate. In addition, the following requirements must be met:
a. The design must be developed using design sheets approved by the LSO. A list of acceptable design sheets will be posted to the LSO Septic System page on the Countys website annually.
b. The design must be accompanied by the Mille Lacs County Coversheet. This sheet has an area for the designer and the property owner to sign and it must have both signatures before it will be accepted.
c. The sign must be accompanied by a management plan meeting the requirements of MR 7082.0600 Subpart 1, B. This shall include a mitigation or corrective action plan.
d. Sizing of systems should be the actual number of rooms designed or used for sleeping bedrooms as identified and certified to by the homeowner and designer. The County cover sheet which accompanies all designs will include a certification statement recording the number of bedrooms in the dwelling: both the homeowner and designer are required to sign the cover sheet. A bedroom is defined by MR 7080.100 Subpart 9B as a room of area of a dwelling that has a minimum floor area of 70 square feet with access gained from the living area or living area hallway . This provision shall exclude those areas typically not associated as sleeping quarters such as a utility, living laundry, dining rooms, and loft areas open to the first level. This provision shall include dens, libraries, offices, lofts, play rooms and other such spaces meeting the definition of a bedroom.
a. In the case of a full basement with undesignated spaces meeting the bedroom definition the system shall be sized with a plus one (+1). In the event that a bedroom is added which utilities the plus one (+ 1), the homeowner is not required to expand the system until such time that the design size it exceeded by adding bedrooms.
e. If there is a change in size due to a change in the home design, the changed design forms must be submitted to and approved by LSO office prior to installation. A revised set of home plans must also be submitted for the office prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.
f. Other (Type III) systems designed for sites with less than twelve (12) inches of unsaturated soil are required to be designed with three (3) feet of sand.
g. For new construction, two (2) soil borings are required per treatment area site (two (2) for the primary, two (2) for the alternate site), or one (1) pit per treatment area site (one (1) for the primary one (1) for the alternate site).
For replacement systems, two (2) soil borings or one pit is required per treatment area.
Percolation tests are required only for soil borings.
h. If the system location changes, soils will have to be verified by the LSO for the new location.
Verification of soils at the new location will require payment of the re-inspection fee payable before or at the time of verification. (Reynolds, Oslin; 5-0)
Approve the request by Reuben Yoder for an Interim Use Permit for a second single family dwelling on a parcel of property generally located at 18117 65th Avenue, Milaca, subject to conditions. (Tellinghuisen, Wilhelm; 5-0)
Approve the request by Erech and Kristin Gallatin for a Conditional Use Permit for a home-based business within an existing dwelling in the Wild and Scenic River District on property generally located at 13415 9th Avenue SE, Milaca. (Wilhelm, Oslin; 5-0)
Approve the request by Craig Hagman for renewal of an Interim Use Permit for a vacation rental home on property generally located at 11222 Cove Drive, Onamia, subject to conditions. (Oslin, Reynolds; 5-0)
Adopt Resolution No.: 3-4-14-3, Granting Approval for Registered Land Survey No. 15. (Oslin, Tellinghuisen; 5-0)
Deny the request by Republic Bank and Trust for a refund of application fees. (Tellinghuisen, Oslin; 5-0)
Adjourn the meeting at 9:45 a.m. (Wilhelm, Oslin; 5-0)
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March 27, 2014

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