Letter: Stand up and help pay off nation’s debt

I grew up during the Depression, served our country in World War II and had a career in law enforcement.
We’ve been called the “Greatest Generation.” We went through some really hard times as a nation. What really made us different?
When we faced World War II, President Roosevelt asked us to stand up to the task. Whether you were a soldier, home guard, Rosie the Riveter, Merchant Marine or the folks at home, everyone stepped up. People bought War Bonds, saved every kind of metal for the war effort, understood why rationing was in place. What did President Bush ask us to do after 9/11?
Go shopping!
Is it surprising we now have a $17 trillion nation debt! Real leadership would have called on us to stand up as a nation to defeat people around the world who want to destroy our nation.
Our lifestyle was and is at risk, strong leaders would have asked us to stand up as a nation and pay for the war effort.
With only 1 percent of our nation in the military, have the remaining 99 percent really been asked to stand up? I don’t think so. Our nation’s leaders could ask us to stand up and help pay down the debt.
Unfortunately, if they did, special interest groups would be attacking tax increases. I guess they’re forgetting we’ve been at war for over 10 years and not paying for it.
From the perspective of someone who’s been around the block a time or two, let’s stand up as a nation and work to pay off this debt!
Don Bentley