Officer injured at bar scuffle

A 22-year-old Princeton man was arrested for fourth-degree assault of a police officer on Sunday, March 16, after violently assaulting a Princeton police officer outside a rural Princeton bar.

The officer was called to Bud’s Place, 2725 75th Ave., to assist Mille Lacs County deputies with a fight in the parking lot. When the officer arrived on scene, he saw two men on top of each other and ordered them to separate.

One of the men involved in the fight was identified in a criminal complaint filed in Mille Lacs County District Court as Kyle Duresky, 22, of 1742 Alpha Road, Princeton.

After the two men were separated, Duresky was accused of standing up, acting aggressively and taking a fighting stance against the officer.

While the officer attempted to help Duresky to the ground, the suspect resisted. Duresky then allegedly punched the officer several times with a closed fist in the chest, neck and head. The officer feared for his safety, the complaint states.

Even though the officer told Duresky on numerous occasions to stop resisting arrest, Duresky allegedly continued to flail his arms while attempting to grab and swing at the officer, the complaint states.

While the officer further attempted to secure Duresky in handcuffs, the suspect lunged his head at the officer’s right forearm and bit down forcefully with his teeth, the complaint alleges.

Duresky was eventually secured, but continued to be uncooperative by refusing to follow directives while in the squad car and by later refusing to exit the squad car.

Duresky was booked into the Mille Lacs County Jail for felony fourth degree assault.