Princeton woman publishes memoir about her life, becoming a Catholic priest

Marty Meyer-Gad, 66, of rural Princeton, has published her memoir, “Seventy-Four Cents,” which highlights her background and convictions that led her to be ordained a Catholic priest on April 10, 2010, in Chicago.

Meyer-Gad said that when people find out she is a priest, they ask her where her church is and she answers, “I wasn’t ordained to create a new Catholic parish; my ministry is writing.”

She said she appreciates being able to be a member of an established Catholic church but that she is prepared for the day when the Catholic church will welcome women into the priesthood.

Her memoir touches on her ambivalence about her ordination, she said.

“The news reeks with Catholic clergy problems,” she said in a release about her memoir. “While the top of the Church crumbles, many on the grassroots level are preparing for a renewed Catholic Church with accountability and ownership by all the baptized.”

Meyer-Gad said she is not sure she will ever be a pastor but feels she has fulfilled her God-given call to priesthood.

More than 100 Catholic women have been ordained since 2002, she said, but she calls her past “unique.” Besides having entered the convent, she noted, she has worked in worship at the dioceses in Detroit and Chicago. She said she was surprised, when her family moved to the Princeton area in 1989, to be told by the bishop’s representative that St. Cloud doesn’t have and never will have a priest shortage.

Meyer-Gad said her ordination would not have been possible without the support of her husband, Bruno Gad. Her memoir talks about their meeting and marrying.

“Seventy-Four Cents” was published through Create Space, a print-on-demand publisher. The book and its Kindle version are available on Amazon, as well as at the Central Minnesota Art Co-op in Princeton.