Snow plow operator threatened

A Milaca man will appear in Mille Lacs County District Court on April 9 on charges that he threatened a man plowing a driveway.
Thomas LeRoy Lawson, 53, of Milaca, is facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and making terroristic threats. Both offenses are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of up to seven years in prison and as much as a $14,000 fine.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Mille Lacs County District Court, Lawson approached a man on Jan. 18 who was plowing a driveway with a truck on 180th Street in rural Milaca. The driver of the truck had heard a series of gunshots. Then, while backing up in a plowing maneuver, allegedly saw Lawson come up to his open truck window.
It’s there that Lawson is accused of putting a gun to the truck driver’s head and asking him, “What the hell are you doing on my property?” the complaint states.
The driver told Lawson that he was hired to plow the driveway by the property owner. Lawson then alleged that the 5-acre property was not his, but the driveway was, according to the complaint.
The driver went about finishing the plowing of the driveway. While doing so, Lawson stood behind him, allegedly pointing the gun to the south. The driver then alleged that he heard six more gunshots, the complaint states.
Lawson approached the driver again as he was finishing up his work.
According to the driver, Lawson approached the truck one more time and allegedly pointed the gun at the driver again, the complaint alleges. Lawson is then accused of saying, “If you are ever going to plow here again, you need to contact me.”
Deputies responded to Lawson’s home and found shell casings on the deck. Inside the home were two spent shell casings and a black handgun on top of a cardboard box next to the door, the complaint states. Spent casings were also found on the driveway.
During an investigation at Lawson’s residence, he allegedly told deputies that he would “violently resist” any attempts to be placed under arrest. However, Lawson was taken into custody without incident.