Princeton teachers get raises, two-year contract

The Princeton School Board has approved a two-year teachers contract retroactive to July 1, 2013, giving base-salary increases of 1.25 percent the first fiscal year, and a 3.41 percent the second fiscal year.
The contract also allows teachers to enter certain longevity steps after completing 14, 18 or 20 years of service to the school district. The service time excludes time spent on long term leaves, such as child care leave and  enrichment leave.
The board approved the new contract April 1, nearly one week after the teachers’ Princeton Education Association ratified the contract.
Contract highlights include increases in the extra-curricular pay schedule, early childhood family education teachers being included in the teachers’ pay schedule, and elementary preparatory time improved. Also, teachers can carry over unused personal leave days to the following year, and special education teachers will be compensated to do state and federally required procedures that are outside their school day.
Superintendent Julia Espe, who was on the district’s negotiations team, said the agreement reflects a “shared interest to encourage young teachers to come and stay at Princeton.”
She also said the increases in salaries during the past two cycles were “minimal due to the economic downturn.”
The district appreciates the teachers’ work, “and at this time we were able to compensate them fairly,” Espe added.