Letter: 4-H will not serve at the races this year

4-H will not serve at the races this year

Spring is here and as summertime rolls around, the community looks for fun activities for the whole family and one of those places is the speedway located on the Mille Lacs County Fairgrounds. Mille Lacs County 4-H has had the privilege of serving those families at the speedway in Princeton for over 50 years at the 4-H food stand. Youth have learned life skills serving as cashiers, cooks and servers and also got a glimpse into business management and food service. Unfortunately, this year Mille Lacs County 4-H was unable to meet the financial demands of Princeton Speedway, Inc. and regret to announce that we will not be serving at the Friday night races this season. With this tradition coming to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported the Mille Lacs County 4-H Food Stand throughout the years.

Thank you to the Mille Lacs County Fair Board and all its members who have worked with us and supported our presence at the races and also during each county fair. Thank you to all the race fans that have supported our youth programs by buying a cheeseburger, fries, or pop from our youth during their visit to a Friday night race. Finally, thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and youth who have donated their time and energy into making the 4-H Food Stand such a great success all of these years.

The Mille Lacs County 4-H Food Stand will still be open during the Mille Lacs County Fair, August 7-10 and also at the Princeton Swap Meet and Car show on May 17. We hope you will come out to support us then.  See you at the fair!


Mille Lacs County 4-H food stand committee