Milaca native to paddle concrete canoe on team

Students from Missouri University of Science and Technology have built a 270-pound canoe out of concrete and will attempt to prove that it floats as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Mid-Continent Student Conference.
The Missouri S&T Concrete Canoe Design Team will showcase its canoe and compete against other regional universities at the conference, held April 24-26, at Oklahoma State University, located in Stillwater, Okla.
For the competition, students must design a lightweight canoe that minimizes drag in the water, is strong enough to hold several paddlers and can remain buoyant when completely submerged in water.
Each team is judged on engineering reports, a presentation and displays that illustrate the manufacturing process. After passing a “swamp test,” designed to test the buoyancy of the canoe, the team will then compete it head-to-head short-distance and endurance racing events.
This year’s canoe is christened “Mother Rowed,” a play on the colloquial name of U.S. Route 66, the Mother Road, which runs through Rolla. The canoe is 18 feet long, 3 feet wide and 14 inches deep at its lowest point. It will be painted red, white and blue to fit its historic Americana theme. It is made of a mixture of Portland cement, the same concrete found in sidewalks, ceramic air-filled bubbles and coal ash.
Reice Golden, a sophomore in nuclear engineering, is from Milaca.